Ms. International World


Frances Brignol

This twenty year old, Miami born beauty, has a story to be told.  Born to a Cuban Mother and a Haitian Father, she identifies more with her Cuban side . Her Parents had separated when she was very young and was actually raised by her Mother and Colombian Step Father. From a very young age she developed a passion in helping others and enjoying the reaction of a smile. She accomplished this by being part of Americorps and completed one full year helping the needy. She is a graduate of Everglades High School and is proud to have maintained a GPA above 3.5. She is now completing her studies at Broward College and is looking forward in attending Nova Southeastern University in the area of Accounting. She anticipates using this College Degree to aid Non-Profit Organizations in reaching their goals in assisting as many needy families around the world as possible. Her achievements have no bounds in the Beauty world as well, whereas she was a contestant in the Miss Florida USA pageant of 2019, she attends the John Casablancas modeling school, She has modeled for Designers - Louis Aponte, Judith Barnes, and Lisa Nicole Cloud, atttends the Business of Beauty Academy with former Miss Universe Michelle McLean and is now proudly representing Cuba in the

Ms. International World Pageant.

We wish this Lady the best in all she does - Welcome aboard!