Ms. International World


         Susmita Patel

Susmita has her family roots from the exotic country of India. She was Born in Illinois, but actually grew up in Pennsylvania. Susmita had the opportunity to start her higher education at the West Virginia University. Since moving to Florida, she decided to continue her education and is now attending South University of West Palm Beach - majoring in Occupational Therapy. She is also enjoying the role of "Brand Ambassador" and has Modeled extensively across South Florida to include events such as: Palm Beach International Film Festival, U.S. Lanka Fashion Week, Hispanic Women of Distinction and is the Official Spokes Model and Fashion Coordinator for the 2017 U.S. Open Crickett Council.

She has volunteered for many groups such as: Relay for Life, Big Brother Big Sister, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. She is now looking to volunteer for Organizations that deal with neglected and abused children. She states that "even though I have not been neglected or abused as a child - no one should feel that they do not belong, or a feeling of being alone". She also has a goal to show young girls that "being different and unique is what makes you stronger as an individual". Presently she is the Official Mentor for the "Little Miss Miss" Organization. Proud owner of SP Fashion Direct.