Ms. International World


Rebecca Reinhardt

Rebecca was born and raised in Southern California. Her family roots, however, are from the country of Germany. Rebecca considers herself an avid traveler and fitness fanatic. She has climbed numerous peaks and enjoys the outdoors in her free time. She began her higher education at West Virginia University, where she received Bachelor's Degrees in both Psychology and Sociology. Rebecca continued her education at the American International College in Massachusetts, where she received a Master's Degree In Forensic Psychology. She then moved to Florida and now continues her Education by pursuing a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology. She is also the consummate "animal lover" and has volunteered her time to many animal shelters since her days in High School.

She is the President of the Student's United for Returning Veterans (SURV) on Campus, where they focus on community outreach and fundraising for organizations that serve the military population. After completing her Doctorate Degree, Rebecca plans to go active duty in the military and continue pursuing her career goal of being a Military Psychologist. Rebecca is also a Mentor for new students coming into the Clinical Psychology program and is a Teacher's Assistant for classes offered in her program. She always shows passion and perseverance in everything she attempts and is grateful for her role as Brand Ambassador and getting Modeling opportunities throughout South Florida.

Rebecca held the title of Ms. International World Global, and in 2019, she won the title of Ms. International World Fitness, which is a new division for Ms. International World.