Ms. International World


Courtney Jones

Courtney is England born and considers herself a Humanitarian. She is an avid advocate for equality, diversity, anti-bullying, health and well being with a positive mental attitude. Her Motto in life is "It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice".

Courtney has traveled the world modeling and representing her country in many pageants and events. She is the current Miss England Fashion Week 2017 in Miami. She has also held the titles of Miss United Kingdom 2016, Miss Super Talent Icon 2016, Miss Global England 2016, and Miss Earth Liverpool 2011.

She presently has a Masters Degree in Critical Social Science from the Liverpool John Moores University. She was also able to get a full academic scholarship for all of her education and gained a 1st Class Honors Degree for her dissertation "Exploring Institutional Racism".

Courtney is extremely family oriented and has dedicated her life in helping families and young people in her community and abroad.

We are proud that she has chosen the Ms. International World family!