Ms. International World

 Trinidad & Tobago

Kerry-Ann Layne

Kerry-Ann was born at the Mount Hope Women's Hospital in Trinidad. She was brought up in a family of mixed cultures to include: Indio Trinidadian and Afro Trinidadian. At the early age of four years old she entered her first beauty Pageant. By winning First Runner Up, she then developed her passion for Pageants.

Coming from a mixed culture, Kerry-Ann developed her Dance skills as well and became proficient in East Indian Dance and Best Village Dancing. She won many Dance Competitions during her school years. She was able to attain her Degrees in "Social Working" through the University of West Indies and the University of the Southern Caribbean. She is now working  on her Second Degree with a double Major in Communications and History. Kerry-Ann is presently a Social Worker at the Trinidad and Tobago Parenting Support Programme and lectures in the communities of Gonzales and Beethan.

She states "I see Pageantry as a way for me to display grace, poise, creativity and self expression. I feel that I am a good role model for young ladies and girls in my community. If I am able to inspire one individual in my life, I will consider that as a job well done, or according to the cliche - Mission Accomplished".