Ms. International World

Puerto Rico

Naysa Marrero Santiago

Naysa was born and raised in the small town of Santa Olaya, Bayamon, Puerto Rico. Being a country girl, she grew up planting crops, raising chickens and doing chores like retrieving water from the family water well. Her first introduction to the United States was in Indiana, where her Mother's job transferred her. Her Mother was then transferred again to West Palm Beach, Florida. This is where she was able to complete her High School at John L. Leonard High School in West Palm Beach. She also achieved one of her other goals and won 2nd runner up in the Miss Primavera Pageant. She then moved to Louisville, Kentucky to be with her family and is now enrolled at the University of Louisville. Her goal now is to become the first college graduate in her family in the medical field. At that time she represented Puerto Rico and won the title of Miss US Latina. Currently she wears the crown and sash of Ms. International World Puerto Rico 2020 and will be competing for the main title of Ms. International World 2020 in July. Naysa continues to believe in the fact that the only way to achieve your goals and dreams is to keep pushing forward and that there is a lot to learn on the journey to success.