Ms. International World

 Sri Lanka

Sachini Fernando

Sachini was born and raised in the lovely country of Sri Lanka.

She presently resides in Italy with her Husband Dimithra Fernando and their four year old Daughter. She has always wanted to be in the medical field and has become a Registered Nurse in a main Hospital in Italy. Her passion, however, has always been Fashion and Beauty and has won a considerable amount of Beauty Pageants to include: 2010 Derana Awunudu Kumarlya in Sri Lanka, 2018 Mrs. Sri Lanka in Europe held in Italy and mini titles to include: Mrs. Catwalk, Mrs. Personality and Mrs. Photogenic. She now brings her Beauty and poise to the United States and hopes to win a title in the Ms. International World Pageant of 2019. We wish you all the best Sachini.